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It is very important that you have correct venting and connections relating to your particular tank location and site situation. Klargester provide guidance in their Technical Data Sheet, TDS0004. "Points to consider before siting your Septic Tank." a summary of which follows.

Your plumber or installer should be consulted to check the drains to ensure that the installation and pipework conform to building regulations, and septic tank installation guidelines. The pipe layout must not allow the water to be drawn from water traps or U bends which normally prevent gases rising into the house.

It is good practice to install inspection chambers before and after the septic tank so as to enable inspection of the effluent quality being passed into the irrigation system.

Septic tank factsheets:

Septic Tanks

Our range of septic tanks are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and for populations of 1 up to 500 people. The Knollands Bio-Pure septic tank is an innovative and cost effective solution and as a result is our best selling septic tank.

Drainage systems

Wether it be agricultural drainage coil, twin walled CorriPipe™ or Hunter sewer drains, Knollands can offer quality drainage systems for a number of different requirements and are perfect for use with our range of septic tanks and rain harvesting products.

rain harvesting

Knollands supply mainly Graf Carat S underground tanks due to their quality construction and reliable design. Convenient packages that include everything you need to start rain harvesting result in a simple and enjoyable project that benefits you and the environment.

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