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septic tanks and sewerage

Discharge Consent Form A
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Discharge Consent Form C
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Bio Treatment Brochure
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British Water Sizing Guide
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Pollution Prevention Guidelines
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British Water Maintenance Guide
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Sewerage Treatment Systems Guide
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Sewerage Systems Flows and Loads Guide
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Water Softeners Guide
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Bio-Pure Maintenance & Installation Guide
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Klargester Operation of Septic Tanks
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Spherical Septic Tank Installation
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Anua Septic Tanks Brochure
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drainage systems

CorriPipe™ Technical Specification
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Proprietary Guide
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Hunter Plastics Price List
5mb Download »
Underground Drainage Guide
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Groundwater Guidance
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JFC Price List
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rain harvesting

Graf Garden Jet Package
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Graf Garden Comfort Package
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Graf Eco-plus Package
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Graf Professional Package
538kb Download »
Graf Optimax Filters
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Graf Optimax Industrial Filters
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Graf Rain Bloc
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Graf Soakaway Installation Guide
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bunded oil and fuel tanks

Tuffa 1350SLB Specification
64kb Download »
Tuffa 2500HB Specification
61kb Download »
Tuffa 2500HBFS Specification
62kb Download »
Tuffa 10000VW Specification
57kb Download »
Tuffa 10000VBFS Specification
70kb Download »
Tuffa 15000VBFS Specification
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Septic Tanks

Our range of septic tanks are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and for populations of 1 up to 500 people. The Knollands Bio-Pure septic tank is an innovative and cost effective solution and as a result is our best selling septic tank.

Drainage systems

Wether it be agricultural drainage coil, twin walled CorriPipe™ or Hunter sewer drains, Knollands can offer quality drainage systems for a number of different requirements and are perfect for use with our range of septic tanks and rain harvesting products.

rain harvesting

Knollands supply mainly Graf Carat S underground tanks due to their quality construction and reliable design. Convenient packages that include everything you need to start rain harvesting result in a simple and enjoyable project that benefits you and the environment.

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