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bunded oil / fuel tanks

10,000 - 15,000 litre filling stations

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10,000 & 15,000 litre bunded fuel stations

The large 10,000 & 15,000 litre systems use a plastic bunded storage tank and come with the following items:

  • 240 volt discharge pump
  • flow meter
  • shut off security key
  • auto shut off nozzle on discharge hose
  • multi level tank gauge
  • easy filling system
  • over fill and bund alarms

In addition the tanks have:

  • 10 years guarantee on the mouldings and 12 months guarantee on the pumps
  • Approximately 75mm silt catchment depth and in line filters
  • ¼ turn and non return valves on the inlet pipe to stop fuel feed back when filling and the cabinet to hold alarms, nozzle and flow meter is set at an easy working height
  • Maintenance back up service is available

10,000 litre 2.8m diameter x 2.5m high fuel master system £POA
15,000 litre 2.8m diameter x 3.5m high fuel master system £POA

Additional items available:
Armco barrier surround (as illustrated) £POA
High output discharge extra £POA

Bespoke systems to suit individual requirements are easily possible. For specialist cabinets, key card fuel dispensing systems, high speed pumps, jointing of tanks for banking, specialist installation please call Knollands sales staff on 0845 0945 603 or email to discuss your requirements.

Bunded tank approximate dimensions

Capacity L Length mm Width/Diameter mm Height mm
333 n/a Ø 980 1155
1000 2130 690 1485
1100 1880 920 1605
1225 2070 1000 1580
1300 1900 1220 1300
1400 2010 1350 1390
1450 n/a Ø 1540 1590
1800 2360 1280 1380
2000 2358 1313 1415
2500 2530 1470 1550
2700 2395 1720 1650
5000 n/a Ø 2250 2400
6000 n/a Ø 2547 2650
10000 n/a Ø 2866 2600
15000 n/a Ø 2866 3650
Bunded Fuel Filling Station Bunded Fuel Filling Station Bunded Fuel Filling Station

Features and optional extras

Apollo watchman electronic gauge
Over fill prevention systems
Bottom or top outlet
Approved fill point
Lockable cabinet or doors
Extension fill pipes
Bund warning alarm

PTFE tape adaptor kit
Venting points
Lockable covers
Made to measure armco barriers
Pumps in 12, 110 and 240 volt
Automatic nozzle, holster and hose
10 micron fuel filtration

Weight and measure fuel dispensing items
Basic flow meters and monitoring equipment
Lockable cabinet with light
Over spill prevention system
Bund alarm vent points
Made to measure armco barriers

Septic Tanks

Our range of septic tanks are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and for populations of 1 up to 500 people. The Knollands Bio-Pure septic tank is an innovative and cost effective solution and as a result is our best selling septic tank.

Drainage systems

Wether it be agricultural drainage coil, twin walled CorriPipe™ or Hunter sewer drains, Knollands can offer quality drainage systems for a number of different requirements and are perfect for use with our range of septic tanks and rain harvesting products.

rain harvesting

Knollands supply mainly Graf Carat S underground tanks due to their quality construction and reliable design. Convenient packages that include everything you need to start rain harvesting result in a simple and enjoyable project that benefits you and the environment.

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