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oil storage tanks

Whether you are replacing an old tank or installing a brand new heating system, you need to be sure you are using the best.

You want a strong, attractive tank at an affordable price. A tank that will give you security and many years of trouble-free service – a tank you can install and forget about – an Atlas Tank.

Choose from our wide range of designs. Every tank comes with an installation kit, Watchman Sonic remote electronic gauge and SpillStop overfill prevention valve.

Our range of oil storage tanks:

Bunded Tanks

Even where current regulations might permit the use of single skin tanks, the additional environmental protection offered through the use of Atlas Bunded Tanks is strongly recommended for any oil storage. Guaranteed for 10 years this well respected range of tanks offers an excellent combination of shapes, capacities and features. With designs to suit all locations, from narrow width for domestic situations with limited space through to large capacity for buying strength, affordability and reliability – fully specified and approved – tanks you can trust.

Atlas Bunded Tanks

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Fuel Depots and Utility Range

Suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel and Biodiesel including FAME being compliant with the requirements of BS EN 590:2009 and BS EN 14214:2008 including up to 93% Diesel and 7% biodiesel mix. They are not suitable for the storage or dispensing of biodiesel at concentrations greater than 7%.

IMPORTANT: All mains powered Fuel Depots must be connected and maintained by a suitably qualified electrician in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

The 1300 and 2500 Fuel Depots are supplied with 4 metres of hose as standard. The 5000 Fuel Depot comes with 6 metres of hose as standard. All Fuel Depots are supplied complete with Automatic shot off nozzle, Flow Meter, Watchman Sonic electronic level gauge and SpillStop overfill prevention valve. Optional Extras: 12 volt, 24 volt, 110 volt pump models – 72 litres per min flow rate pump available for 5000 litres model – Complete fuel management systems available.

Atlas Fuel Depots

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Single Skinned

Atlas Single Skinned

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Truck Depot

A safe and convenient way to refuel vehicles and equipment on site.

Atlas Truck Depot

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Waste Oil Storage

A safe and convenient way to store waste oil.

Atlas Waste Oil

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Septic Tanks

Our range of septic tanks are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and for populations of 1 up to 500 people. The Knollands Bio-Pure septic tank is an innovative and cost effective solution and as a result is our best selling septic tank.

Drainage systems

Wether it be agricultural drainage coil, twin walled CorriPipe™ or Hunter sewer drains, Knollands can offer quality drainage systems for a number of different requirements and are perfect for use with our range of septic tanks and rain harvesting products.

rain harvesting

Knollands supply mainly Graf Carat S underground tanks due to their quality construction and reliable design. Convenient packages that include everything you need to start rain harvesting result in a simple and enjoyable project that benefits you and the environment.

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